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E-mail marketing or e-mail marketing is preferred as a common digital marketing method today. Although it is one of the very old methods in digital marketing, it is also used as an effective method today. It is possible to talk about the benefits of e-mail marketing, especially by corporate companies to reach potential customers and regain old customers.

Today, almost everyone has at least one e-mail address. E-mail is needed for transactions such as taking advantage of digital services, registering on social media or e-commerce sites. In this context, e-mail marketing maintains its importance from past to present. Correct methods must be followed for successful e-mail marketing strategies. It is possible to get the best results from e-mail marketing by executing it in harmony with other digital marketing strategies.

What is Email Marketing?

Among the e-marketing examples, e-mail marketing is at the top. Email marketing is a type of direct marketing method used to deliver marketing messages to a specific audience. This includes every e-mail sent to potential new customers or existing customers. Campaign announcements, discounts, new products and information are all included in the scope of e-mail marketing.

The applications within the scope of e-mail marketing are briefly as follows:

  • Emails sent to increase existing customer satisfaction and gain customer loyalty.
  • Encouraging old customers to buy again.
  • Submissions aimed at acquiring potential new customers.
  • Ads added to other companies’ posts.

All kinds of campaigns, promotions and informative content sent by companies via e-mail are within the scope of e-mail marketing. It is also possible that the e-mail messages in question contain rich visual content or consist of texts.

The main purpose of email marketing is to acquire new customers, retain existing customers and encourage old customers to buy again. E-mail marketing can be done in order to increase the loyalty of the customers to the company.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

Email marketing campaign is one of the most important pillars of digital marketing in many ways. Not only the details containing product and service promotions, but also the post-purchase order process tracking and confirmation submissions have increased the importance of e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing is frequently preferred as it is the cheapest, fastest and simplest marketing method for announcing products and services and increasing sales.

Email marketing is important to reach the target audience by email and especially to encourage existing customers for new purchases. Although social media and other digital marketing channels have gained more importance today, the importance of e-mail marketing is higher than in the past. The fact that it is a more practical marketing method compared to other methods also increases its importance. Using e-mail marketing is of great importance in terms of gaining potential customers, reaching the target audience and retaining existing customers.

What are the Benefits of E-mail Marketing to E-Commerce?

Corporate e-mail examples are among the indispensable marketing strategies of e-commerce sites today. The biggest advantage of mass e-mail marketing for these companies is that it provides the opportunity to reach a large number of people at the same time. One of the most important benefits is that it provides the opportunity to reach directly.

It is possible to send e-mails by dividing them into an unlimited number of small target groups within the customer list. Planned e-mails can be customized according to the target audience. The fact that it can be done directly and quickly in a shorter time than other digital marketing methods is also among the benefits of e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing has benefits such as encouraging customers who use e-commerce sites to shop again, gaining new customers and retaining existing customers.

How is Email Marketing Done?

Email makreting companies are professionally applying marketing strategies for companies today. Although most corporate companies follow these processes with their own digital marketing experts, it is seen that outside support is also received. Many criteria will need to be considered for successful email marketing. For an effective marketing, the right method should be chosen first.

Some of the types of email marketing are:

  • Email campaigns,
  • Email newsletters,
  • Automated marketing emails
  • Automated processing e-mails, etc.

First of all, the right method is chosen for e-mail marketing. Afterwards, you can start work by preparing an e-mailing list. Once an email marketing service is selected, it segments the target audience. Content that attracts attention and is easy to understand is prepared. Then the campaigns are optimized. After the e-mail contents are sent to all recipients quickly, results are obtained in a short time.

What are the Points to Consider in E-mail Marketing?

It is possible to create a successful digital marketing strategy with the support of experts who have received e-mail marketing training. In this context, it is necessary to follow the right methods and pay attention to many criteria in order to get the most effective results. Some of the things to consider when conducting the campaign process in e-mail marketing are as follows:

  • Special welcome mails/opportunities should be created for new subscribers/members/customers.
  • Automated e-mail systems should be used for busy businesses.
  • E-mail sending frequency should be chosen correctly.
  • Email lists should be divided into sections.
  • Process follow-up should be done with pre-planning.

Content production is also very important in e-mail marketing. It is possible to directly inform your customers about your campaigns via e-mail. In this way, customers can be encouraged to purchase.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Email Marketing?

E-mail marketing advantages and disadvantages should be evaluated correctly. Although e-mail marketing is advantageous for basically every business, wrong strategies can give negative results. Some of the advantages of email marketing include:

  • Customers can be reached directly and quickly at low costs.
  • Potential customers can be won.
  • Current and former customers are encouraged to buy.
  • Customer loyalty increases.
  • With the right strategies, it has a positive effect on sales success.

Some of the disadvantages of e-mail marketing are:

  • Frequent and intense mailing may miss bored customers.
  • From time to time, e-mails that do not concern the target audience may be sent to users.
  • Targeted results may not be achieved due to wrong strategies.

Today, the control of social media platforms much more than e-mail has also reduced the importance of e-mail marketing. However, since the e-mail process will be important for the post-purchase process, it still stands out as an important marketing area.

How to Determine the Right Strategy for a Successful Email Marketing?

Among the sales e-mail examples, the most successful ones are the applications made with the right strategy. Therefore, expert support is an important element. The following strategies can be followed to create an accurate and efficient strategy in e-mail marketing:

  • Permissioned user data will need to be created.
  • E – mailing lists should be determined correctly and checked regularly.
  • The content of the e-mail to be sent with Call to Action must be of high quality.
  • The frequency of sending mail should not tire users.
  • Instead of intense selling pressure, there should be incentives.
  • Other marketing and communication channels should be reminded.
  • It is important to determine the mail delivery times correctly.

E-mail marketing strategies, one of the most important methods in digital marketing from the past to the present, still yield efficient results.

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